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When is Speech/Articulation Therapy Needed?

The right time to talk to a Speech Language Pathologist, "Speech Therapist" about your child's speech and articulation skills and decide if your child needs speech therapy is when you are concerned.  Speech Therapists treat children from infancy thru adulthood.  It is never to early to have a screening or assessment.  Many children are late talkers and a trained Speech Therapist can help determine if treatment is needed or if a wait and see approach is in fact the proper course.  Late talking can indicate speech and language difficulty that may require treatment.

All children may utter oddly sounding words and sentences, mispronounce some sounds and may even be difficult to understand before the age of three. By 3 years of age a child's speech is normally 75-100% intelligible by their parent. If you have a hard time understanding your child a Speech Therapist and speech therapy at Take Home Speech can help!

You should contact a speech language pathologist when your child:

Is extremely quiet or does not babble

Uses no first by 18 months of age

Cannot be understood by others at 4 years of age


Has a hoarse voice that is not due to an upper respiratory infection

Seems disinterested in communicating or echoes what you say

Becomes easily frustrated when talking

Has difficulty eating or swallowing

Has irregular breathing, shortness of breath or whispers when talking

Trust your instinct! You know your child best. You may have been advised to wait a few months or longer before seeking out a Speech Language Pathologist. While well-meaning, this advise may not be beneficial for your child. Most parents know if all is not typical with their child's development and the sooner therapy begins the sooner your child will benefit.

Take Home Speech LLC located in Soldotna and Kenai Alaska offer online speech language and feeding therapy across Alaska. Low caseloads and individualized care provide your child with the most effective and evidence based practice in the comfort of your own hom. 


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Is your child under 3?

Contact your local Infant Learning Program located across the state. You can find your program by visiting:

Is your child over 3? Contact your school district "Child Find" for free developmental testing of speech and language skills, fine motor, academic readiness skills and more!  This can determine if your child qualifies for free services.

Please keep in mind, school districts can only offer services if the child's skills are delayed enough to impact them academically. Many children still benefit from speech language therapy because of the social impact that speech language and feeding disorders can have. See blog: Why School Based Therapy Is Not Enough: 5 Myths

At this time most Speech and Language Evaluations and Therapy Sessions can be completed online.
Online Therapy Requirements:
  • Access to Computer or Tablet (smartphones will not work)
  • High Speed Internet Connection (1mbps upload and down load)
  • Ability to use zoom
  • Quiet and private area with ability to move around for breaks
  • Full time parent participation /facilitation to support your child's participation as well as to allow for carryover of strategies at home.