Carma G. Shay M.S. CCC-SLP

Alaska Based Therapy

Worldwide Parent Coaching

available anywhere via zoom

parent coaching online

  • Decrease scheduling conflicts and expedite your daily routines
  • Reduce your child's anxiety
  • Increase academic success in home or at school
  • Eliminate homework struggles
  • Get back on the path to a happy family and life
  • Increase your child's independence
  • Provide your child with the visuals they need to become successful throughout their daily routines
  • Reduce frustration throughout your day for yourself and your child
  • Provide a fresh, positive outlook for yourself and your family
  • Connect you with available resources YOU need to be and feel successful as a parent
  • Finally feel as though you are NOT alone
  • Help understanding IEP's, IFSP, your child's needs, their rights and yours
  • Support in speech and language development, therapies and finding the right therapist, doctor or specialist for your child's needs
  • Increase your advocacy for yourself and child
  • So much more!

Feeling like you need support in parenting?  Do you feel like you are going down the road of parenting alone? Do you feel unheard when you talk to other professionals? Perhaps this is not the dream you had about parenting. Parent coaching by our trained and certified Speech Language Pathologist can get you back on the path to a happy and healthier family and life. 

First 30 minute session is $50. 

10 x 45 minute visits for $850 

How parent coaching can help you:
Carma is going to bring light and happiness into your most tiring of days. She is trained in the Hanen It Takes Two To Talk parent coaching program for Speech Language Pathologists. Carma has also spent the past 10 years working with, organizing, and gaining skills as a parent to meet the needs of her own children.  As a Speech Language Pathologist for the past 10 years she has specialized in using the coaching methods to train parents in using speech, language and feeding treatments throughout her practice. Parents report increased feelings of pride and encouragement and a new sense of happiness in working with their children. 

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