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Q: When should you contact a speech language pathologist?

A: As soon as you are concerned!

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Take Home Speech offers individualized speech therapy that comes to your child! Speech therapy in Soldotna, Kenai, Sterling, Nikiski and Kasilof. This means more time spent learning and less time transitioning to a new environment. Collaboration with parents and caregivers, occupational and physical therapists, psychologists and teachers; in home, daycare, clinic and some school settings. 

Mission Statement:

Helping pediatric clients and their families improve overall quality of life through family centered therapy. 

You know your child best and perhaps you may want to join in the therapy sessions. You may want to learn how to promote your child's speech, language and reading skills at home, and you want therapy to happen in the environment your child is most comfortable in. That is where Take Home Speech LLC comes in. We want therapy to be convenient, effective, and fun wherever life takes you on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula!

Take Home Speech LLC is a Speech Therapist owned and operated company providing quality speech language and feeding therapy to families throughout Soldotna, Kenai, Nikiski and Sterling. 

Take Home Speech develops individual treatment plans and sessions for each child and their family's needs and interests.  Therapy goals will be developed In collaboration with parents, caregivers and the certified Speech Language Pathologist. Treatment will address goals in the environment that is most effective for your child ages birth-12., Therapy can take place in your home (Kenai, Soldotna, Sterling, Nikiski or Kasilof), our clinic, your daycare, private schools or public settings (park, library, restaurant etc).  Options include private, group or family treatment sessions.

functional~Family Centered´╗┐~Fun

Concierge Speech language and Feeding Therapy That comes to you in  

Kenai, Soldotna, Sterling & Nikiski



Located just down the road from Kenai South Beach Access, we can meet you at the beach, our clinic or come to you!

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Take Home Speech LLC Speech Therapists are trained in working with the whole child's needs and not just "treating the stutter".  This means, that the child and family are treated in a holistic way that helps identify where the stutter is being triggered and what can be done to help the child and family overcome the fears and frustrations that surround stuttering and disfluencies. 

While the ultimate goal of stuttering therapy is to decrease disfluencies the ultimate goal is that the client and their family are comfortable with the way their child talks in all environments. 

Fluency therapy with Take Home Speech LLC focusses on:
1. Establishing a cause and further understanding of disfluency for client and their family.
2. Identifying triggers that may exacerbate the disfluency or secondary behaviors..
3. Identifying therapy techniques that can help decrease disfluencies.
4. Practice therapy techniques and discuss thoughts and feelings surrounding disfluencies across all environments.