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When should you contact a Speech Language Pathologist, SLP?  When you are concerned about your child's language development is when you should contact a SLP. Trust your instinct! You know your child best. You may have been advised to wait a few months or longer before seeking out a SLP. While well-meaning, this advise may not be beneficial for your child. Most parents know if all is not typical with their child's development and the sooner therapy begins the sooner your child will benefit.

By age 1 your child should respond to their name, follow directions such as "put block in cup" and use a few words.

By age 2 your child should point to pictures and objects, name body parts and use two-word phrases  such as "bye dada"

By age 3 Your child should understand three part directions "Put your car in the box, bring the box to the table, and grab a cup". Can answer who, what, where questions and says 3-4 part sentences, "I like this shirt".

By age 4 your child should understand complex directions. Know size and color and can answer many types of questions. "The red car looks funny!"

By age 5 your child should use many descriptive words, know opposites, count to 10, Should know age and use fairly long sentences including the ability to tell stories about themselves. "Remember, when we went to the park and I fell down."

By age 6 your child should be able to tell a story about a picture, with relationships to objects and what is happening. Should be able to discuss feeling of themselves and others.  (looking at picture) "She found her shoe! I bet she is happy. Remember when I lost my shoe? "

By age 7 your child should understand analogies and opposites, understand many descriptive terms, should be able to do simple reading and writing.  Should have basic understanding of time as it relates to their schedule.   "Its almost time to go to school! The big hand is close to the 8."

By age 8 your child should be able to discuss rather elaborate events in their days, including events that happened in the past. Can carry on conversation, turn taking at a near adult level.  Complex sentences should be used easily.  Can follow fairly complex directions with little repetition. Should be reading with ease and writing simple compositions.  Should have well developed time and number concepts. "When I was at school we read a book about a dog that got into a lot of trouble when he was left alone. He tore up socks and shoes. It made me wonder what Rufus does when we are gone. What do you think he does mom?"

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